Lost in Memories

‘Lost in Memories’ is a theatre production about dementia and the act of caring.

Back in 2007 I performed a one woman show as part of my degree course. The piece drew on the my real life experience of dementia, as well as news coverage and some stories from carers.

I recently re-worked the performance via a collaborative process with patients, carers, researchers and theatre practitioners. The piece draws on a mixture of real life testimony and dementia research. Powerful, first person stories are interspersed with more abstract performance, developed in response to those stories. Everyone who performs in the piece has some personal experience of dementia and all the stories within the piece are based on true events.

Our first performance was held in Leeds as part of the Being Human Festival. I hope that this performance, and others like it, will act as a catalyst for dialogue about health. We are currently looking for different places to perform so that we can get feedback from a variety of people.  If you are interested in this work then please get in touch.

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Project Credits 

This is s truly collaborative project and my list of credits continues to grow!

Performers: Laura Atherton, Ken Watson, Sarah Goodyear,  Anna Woodhouse, Isabelle Smith.

Performance developed by: Delia Muir, Laura Atherton, Ken Watson, Sarah Goodyear,  Anna Woodhouse, Isabelle Smith, U Hla Htay, Helen Iball, Liz Graham, Margaret Marsden, and Alison Bolus

Scripted edited by: Delia Muir and Laura Atherton

Choreography: Delia Muir and Laura Atherton

Visuals: Fresh Cut

Make up: Dimple Sharma

Special thanks to: Dr Helen Iball, Sue Power, Donisthorpe Hall Care Home, Thornhill Court Sheltered Housing, Headingley Enterprise and Arts Centre, Prof Jane Nixon, Jessica Van Horssen, Claire Roberts, Alexa Ruppertsberg, West Yorkshire Playhouse, Wendy Mitchell, Nicky Taylor, Sarah Disney, The Being Human Festival, The Wellcome Trust, Leeds Institute of Clinical Trials Research (LICTR)



2 thoughts on “Lost in Memories

  1. JANET CLIFF says:

    Not sure if I would be of any help but would be very happy too. I’m a retired mental health nurse RMN (37 years) and now part time as MEMORY SUPPORT WORKER. I have a vast amount of knowledge and experiences that could be of some use to you.

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