Wellcome Trust Fellowship

In 2015 I was lucky enough to be awarded a Wellcome Trust Engagement Fellowship . I’m exploring the use of applied performance techniques to facilitate public involvement in health research.

The Fellowship model is quite flexible. Rather than doing a two year project, there is a focus on developing future leaders and developing engagement best practice. So my Fellowship plans are evolving as I progress. I’ll be sharing my learning on here as I go. There are some key themes / questions emerging from my work so far:

  • Public engagement verses public involvement – What are the differences? Does it matter? What can the two field learn from each other?
  • Ethical Engagement – What ethical frameworks do people use? Where does formal regulation fit in? How do people in different fields approach and describe ethical challenges?
  • SimulationCan simulating clinical encounters and research processes open up discussion with new audiences?
  • StorytellingHow can we use the power of stories to engage and inspire?


wellcome fellow logo


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